Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some Retail Boxes

I stopped by Target and picked up a few boxes of retail. They were so cheap that I couldn't resist. My first box was the Rookie Box Set from Upper Deck. I've been meaning buy it for a while since it's only $10 and features all 30 of the best American rookies of 07-08. I can't complain about getting all 4 of my favorite rookies: Oden, Durant, Thornton, and Horford.

I also bought a box of Bowman Draft Picks and Stars. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no success. My only two pulls (if you can consider them pulls) were a base rookie of Morris Almond and a Chrome Rookie of Josh McRoberts, both numbered out of 2999. *sigh* That's what I get for going with retail.

My last box was a blaster of Fleer 2007-08. With 22 packs, you've gotta get something, right? Wrong. I got a few rookies and inserts, but nothing special. The rookies came in a variety of designs: Regular, 86-87, and Rookie Sensations. I managed to collect the Big Three of this year's draft.

There were also some Decades of Excellence inserts featuring Larry Bird, MJ, Tim Duncan, and D Wade.

Overall, a pathetic pull. If only hobby boxes weren't so expensive!
By the way, Kobe was just officially named MVP!!! And by a surprisingly large margin of 216 points over CP3.

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